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February 9th, 2006

09:09 pm
Quick update about the Trades road!

Any characters with compasses or a good sense of direction will notice that
the Trades route by now is winding and curving around pretty wildly rather
than going in one direction in particular. This is most likely due to the
higher-up Trader bosses wanting to swing by a few small colonies and settlements
here and there, so feel free to play it like the Trades is passing through or
near small population centers every few weeks or so.

And now for a bit of a terrain update. As the Trades continues on, we'll now
be encountering more varied landscapes rather than the flat stuff we've been
going through for the past couple months. Hills, valleys, mountain ranges
and such would be in order now. Of course, the Traders in their infinite
resources have bridges and tunnels on their routes for getting past the more
treacherous areas, expect some highly dangerous road/weather conditions and
possible casualties as we get into the mountain passes starting this coming week.
More raider attacks should also be expected. The forecast will be cold, windy
and snowy.

There'll be a few extremely long tunnels (big enough to accomidate huge
Trades vehicles of course) that'll take the Trades underground through for
several days at a time once we hit the mountains. So oil up your lantern and get
some working headlights for your horseless carriage, cuz we're going
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February 6th, 2006

06:28 pm

#Vagrant Frappr!

Go add yourself now!!
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January 3rd, 2006

03:43 am
Hey folks, this is just a quick message to let you know I think I made a bit of a mistake. As any of you active folks have noticed, we've been using #wastes as the main RP channel for the moving caravans of the Trades. I'm thinking that this was a bad idea on my part, since the Trades is still the Trades pretty much, just packed up and on the road, so it it probably doesn't make much sense to be doing that in #wastes, where it could kind of crowd in on people wanting to explore off away from the main Trades caravans and such.

So, we're moving the RP to #trades again. Of course everything's still the same, setting-wise and all. We're still on the move through the wastes, travelling by day, then stopping by night, so the change is limited to just switching channels and nothing else. Sorry for the confusion!
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December 27th, 2005

02:23 pm - Stuff stuff stuff
It's been a while since I used this, but I figure recent RP events warrant its resurrection. So, announcement time!

For those who've missed the announcements on the mailing list, and Vagrant Forum the Trades has MOVED. Currently it's on the road, heading southward through snowy winter conditions. Here's a lowdown on some stuff to know should you just now be jumping back into the RP.

- The Trades moves by day at a walking pace, roughly. So people can walk alongside the caravans or hitch a ride however they see fit. At sundown the Trades settles for the night and sets up camp so people can refuel, rest, feed their hosses, and so forth.

- The Traders are the ones at the head of the caravans, riding in their big huge Trader trucks. The Trade Guards, for the most part, will be found up there working with the Traders, leaving everyone else to follow by their own accord and provide much of their own protection.

- The Trade Guards are looking for temporary recruits! Basically what's
going on is they need some new hands to serve as sort of Civil Guards under the
other regular Trades Guards for while the Trades is on the road. It's not a
permanent position, so the job duration is for only as long as the Trades is
moving, but the pay is pretty good, and there is MYSTERY afoot in the Trades,
which means DANGER (which means FUN). Weapons will probably not be provided
though, so if your character plans on joining up, they'd best carry along
their own tools. Just look for a Trades Guard and tell them you'd like to join up
for the road if you're interested.

- Mysterious disappearances! Here and there people in the Trades have been
disappearing, and it seems to be too high for the vanishings to be due to the
missing persons to have simply gotten seperated from the caravan. It could be
anyone. Maybe even someone your character knows. A friend, a coworker,
family.. Anyone. Better keep a blade under your bedroll at night.

- SNOW. Holy crap, it's snowing on the Trades Road. Pack a blankie.

- If any of you want to do something like, say,
go exploring off in some huge ruins, encounter some wastelanders, run into
raiders or any other wastelandy things like that, knock yourselves out. The
other staff and I may be around for some of it, but not all since RL gets in the
way and all that, but I just want to sort of re-encourage folks to not worry
about needing a large group or supervision for events and stuff like that.
(Just as long as you're not, like, blowing up the whole Trades or something.
That kind of thing might require a little staff supervision)

In other words, just take the Trades Migration opportunity to do stuff you
normally wouldn't be able to do in the usual Trades setting, since I know
after RPing there for a long time it can get easy to forget how to come up with
cool stuff to do outside. If you want your guys to walk off from the caravan
and run into a village or some other interesting device better than I can come
up with, go do it!

And if you don't have fun, I'LL FIND YOU. And you don't want that.

I think that about covers it for the moment. If any of you who've been gone a while feel a hankering to rejoin the RP, but need help with IRC back up, just behold these links.
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December 5th, 2005

01:19 pm - The Trades are moving!
Tents are beind pulled down, the roar of trucks filling the air - that's right, the Trades are moving in 11 day's time, just in time for the Holidays! Information can be found on the massage boards:

Here is the log!

And here is information!

Hope to see you in-game!

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April 8th, 2005

09:58 pm
Hey, you! Yeah, I'm talking to you! There's been an update to "#Vagrant crashes Comic-Con, San Diego" 2005 on the #Vagrant messageboard ( http://www.the-vagrants.com/board/index.php ), so go read, vote, and be merry. That is all.

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March 29th, 2005

01:47 pm - Comic-Con San Diego 2005
(Posted also to the message board of the website http://www.the-vagrants.com/board/index.php )

Hi, its Meag.

As some of you may already know, Reagan, Billy, and I are going to be crashing the Comic-Con in San Diego this July ( http://www.comic-con.org/cci/index.shtml ). Another person we are expecting to be bunking with is Emma (Foss for those that remember the character) and possibly a friend of hers. The friend who I was originally going to crash the Con with is expecting to be caught up in a summer course but this won’t be definite until she registers for the class. That’s 5-6 people in one room.

I’ve heard a little bit from more #Vagrant people recently that they may be interested in going. I’d like to use this forum to find out exactly who all is definitely going (aside from Reagan and myself), who is very likely to be going (like Billy and Emma), and who is riding the fence on this one (like my friend or anyone else with time/money issues.) I would like more accurate “Yes” or “No” from people before I book the rooms.

If you’re going to be flying out to California for this event, there are two airports that I suggest you look into flying in and out of: Ontario and Sand Diego. I know my way around Ontario but Reagan knows his way around San Diego. I wouldn’t recommend making flight reservations until we’ve booked the appropriate number of rooms for the appropriate number of nights and know what our definite check-in and check-out times are.

-Vehicle transportation:
I can fit 4 other people aside from my self into my car. I expect to be driving Reagan for sure. Billy is also a possible passenger. That leaves me with room for 2 more people. Depending on if my friend goes or not, I may only be able to fit one more person, or we’ll have another vehicle to carry more people in. I won’t be driving any further than Ontario airport though, so you’d better be on my way south to San Diego if you want a spot in my car. Otherwise you’ll have to find other means of transportation or talk to me about other arrangements. It takes roughly 2 hours and 30 minutes to get from Riverside to San Diego, just so everyone is aware of that particular drive time. I don’t intend to stop expect to pick people up and to get gas.

-The rooms:
I am expecting to book a hotel room April 19th or 20th. The rates I was told were $60-$90 a night. I expect to be booking a room from the night of Wednesday the 13th to the night of Saturday the 16th, since we’ll be checking out, packing up, and going home Sunday the 17th. If you’re a flyer planning to leave us that Sunday, it may be better if you depart from San Diego.
I really don’t want more than 5 people to a room. If we have 6 people, it may be better to try and book two adjoining rooms. The price of one room would be split 5 ways but if there are two rooms they will be split differently. I will be paying for the rooms. I will accept cash at the Con, or Paypal if we have internet access. I’m a bit wary about checks and especially I.O.U’s.
We’ll have to come up with some creative sleeping arrangements, so let me know if you absolutely refuse to sleep in a certain place or share a bed with someone. If you snore, please do everything necessary so that you won’t disturb anyone else.

-Information about you:
I would like to collect everyone’s cell phone #’s at the Con so we can keep tabs on each other if we need to and everyone’s most active E-mail address if I need to contact you about any changes. Also, please let me know if you have allergies to any particular animals, food, or whatever. You should also tell me if you need a refrigerator for medication, a wheelchair, or the internet to work from. I will see if I can get these for us at the hotel and what these additional costs may be.

-Information about the Con:
You can Pre-Register, Volunteer, or pay the daily rates at the Con. Pre-Registration is currently $50 if postmarked before April 20th and allows you to attend the Wednesday Preview night. It goes up $5-$10 if you Pre-Register after April 20th. Just look on the site.
Volunteering requires that you do 3 hours a day at the Con, in which the badge you receive will grant you free admission into the Con for the remainder of that day. Daily rates have not been posted yet.

I asked Reagan about a rough estimate of how much cash people should bring along to enjoy themselves, and he replied: “Well, I bought a TON of stuff at ComiCon 2004, and only took along maybe $500-600 for the entire thing, including hotel, food and transportation costs, and I still had a hundred or so bucks left over. So you only really need probably, I dunno, $300? Then again I'm a real frugal spender and managed to cut my costs in half than most of the EatPoo people. I'd say $400 is a good solid chunk for one person to take along to cover everything.”

I think this includes the room, food, and swag you pick up at the con. Tally in gas or flights if you need them. Aside from the money, just bring along clothes, good shoes, a camera, and some protection from the sun for all of you non-southern folk (i.e. sun block, sun glasses, and hats).

Okay, now on to the fun stuff…
If you’ve got ideas about things to do outside the Comic-Con or places to eat, let’s hear them. And how can we crash the Comic-Con in style? “Prostitute” cookies? “Victims of Irv” cookies? T-shirts? Badges? Buttons/Pins? Throw down your ideas, people. If anyone wants to contact me about stuff, I’m on IRC. However, my E-mail is Harwyllte@yahoo.com and my IM is Dotote.

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February 23rd, 2005

09:06 pm - New (and/or Returning) Characters
Billy - Male Dog (Ibizan Hound) / Military Macaw

Rudd - Male Coyote

Warren - Female Dingo

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February 13th, 2005

05:31 pm - Newest Characters
Hovsep - Male Mountain Lion / Walrus

Jet - Male Black Desert Kingsnake

Rustblade - Male Island Gray Fox / Fennec / Arctic Fox

Stilts - Female African Wild Dog / Ethiopian Wolf / Maned Wolf

Wyatt - Male Red Panda

Keoni - Male Dog (German Shepherd)

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January 24th, 2005

10:25 pm - CHAR CHAR CHAR
I'm hoping this might dig up a little activity. I've decided to post everytime I post a batch of new chars on the forum. At the very least, you get a preview of chars that might show up and possibly find an interesting one with which to participate-ski.

Latest additions...

Tage - Male Chimpanzee

Max - Male Dog (Jindo / Finnish Spitz)

Lino - Male Chestnut-Mandibled Toucan

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August 24th, 2004

09:00 pm - Poll time...
Hit it, bitch.


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June 21st, 2004

06:30 pm
Don't Look Back.

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February 10th, 2004

04:56 pm - Psst.
Oi! Guys!

We keep forgetting that this place exists! That is a Bad ThingTM 'cause this here LJ is probably one of the best means we've all got to communicate with each other, barring spamming the mailing list. SO. In the interests of getting some talk going...

1 - Anyone out there know anyone else who ought to be a part of this community? If so, tell me their LJ username so I can invite them to join.

2 - How about ideas for this place? What would this be best used for? Some current ideas include: posting of logs from RP, personal notices, webpage and character updates, organizing RP sessions, or even LJ-based RPing.

3 - Who out there likes cheese? What's your favourite cheese?

In other news, the website was updated in a manner so minor that it may as well have not been updated. Our newest sponsors have been listed - thanks guys! - and the sponsorship money has managed to pay off the costs incurred in hosting the webpage. w00t! The next update will shove a load of new characters onto the page, and we've got a few ideas that may be implemented as well... it depends on what we can work out.

Ideas are always welcome, of course! Please use the contact form if you have anything you'd like to share. ^_^

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December 24th, 2003

08:34 am - 'Tis the season..
Ahoy thar!

Since myself and lokabrenna are finally moving at the end of the month and it's the holidays and my brother will finally be home from his year abroad you may find that the #Vagrant channels are left without my benevolent presence for a time! Worry not, young players - I will return. It just might take a while before I can get back to my constant state of lurking, see.

And with any luck in the new year I'll be doing more than just lurking. While you may not have been able to know this, I have been working on things for Vagrant.. big plans, ideas, schemes.. you name it. There are tonnes of things in the works, so now all we need is the time to pull them off!

See you all in 2004!

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September 3rd, 2003

09:57 pm
Posted for awriter ...

Poll #175971 Vagrant Semi-Mandatory RP - Fighter's Guild

Would you be interested in creating a character within the Fighter's Guild, if you do not have one already?


What days are good for you to play? (Check all that apply)


What times (EST, on those days) would be good for you to play? (Check all that apply)

9am - 1pm
1pm - 5pm
5pm - 9pm
9pm - 1am

Do you think it is fair for the staff to be permitted to kill any character created specifically for this plotline if the player consistently misses RP sessions?

Maybe - if they miss three or more in a row
Maybe - if the character is not involved in other plots
Maybe - if the character is not involved with other characters

Comments? Questions? Concerns?

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03:16 pm


(Try it yourself)
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August 9th, 2003

06:39 pm - OMG!
Attenshun d00ds n d00dettes!!11

We have come up with an IDEA. And, as you may expect, we want your input! So just take a peek at this, toss us your opinions, and use the contact form if you have any further questions or more wordy opinions. ;)

omgwtfPOLLCollapse )
And that, as they say, is that.
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July 24th, 2003

12:56 am - Leave of Absence
That's right folks, I'm taking a break! I just can't handle all the stress anymore, and I need to get away from you all before I snap. Or something. Or maybe I'm leaving for England in a day or so and won't be anywhere near a computer.. who knows? The end result is that I won't be here, so y'all can go and party party party all day while the cat's away.

I'm bringing a few colouring books to the UK with me to ship out to some of our loyal players, and will be shipping some to USans tomorrow before my departure. Big thanks go out to everyone that has purchased one so far - we love you! Really! And we hope that you'll love the book as much as we loved making it. Sales have been brisk so far, with the colour Sano cover definitely winning the 'race' - we're sold out for the time being, in fact. But there's still plenty of Timber's shiny ass to go around, don't you fear.

Anyways, since I'm off for a bit I figured I'd explain what my characters are up to. Zero is busy meandering around the Water camp, trying to drum up support among some of the more militant folks among the group. Kele is still running around being semi-feral and creeping people out by staring at them, stealing food from them, and stinking of blood and metal. Timber has disappeared mysteriously, without an explanation! He's not away for official Guard business, but nobody seems to know where he is, exactly. And if they do they ain't telling.. And Sikale is slinking around in search of Shock, who has also vanished most mysteriously. Ooo.

I may have some limited 'net access across the pond, but I don't expect that I shall bother poking my head in at all. So have fun without me! ...but don't have too much fun, or else I may feel useless and unappreciated and then I'll cry and cry and cry. ;_____________________;
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June 25th, 2003

12:30 pm
Here's a question: if your Vag. chars were to dancing *now*, what would they be wearing and what kind of music would they dance to?

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June 18th, 2003

06:25 pm - Breaking news from the frontlines, comrades!
As of this friday, June 20th, I'm going to be working a part-time job at the manliest place on earth. That's right, Mervyn's.

The bad news is that this'll limit my online time, which means I'll have a little less time for RPing than I normally do. And since I need to draw as much as possible, I might be spending most of my online time drawing.

Of course, this doesn't mean I'm going away. I'll be on every day as usual, I just need to plan ahead by a few hours if anyone wants to RP with any of my characters. It also means my dad will probably let me have more time on the computer when I'm not working, since I'll be actually doing useful stuff and a bit more deserving of 'net time. You all know how it goes.

Hum, that's about it. Carry on! And by all means, don't hesitate to email me if you want to RP something out. While I don't mind at all if you plan something out with me on IRC, I easily forget these things and need a reminder.
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June 16th, 2003

So starting Wednesday, June 18, I'll officially be working full time again with only Tuesday guaranteed off. None of my shifts will start horribly early, but I still have my 8 AM class on weekdays, so my RP time will be a taaaaad more limited. Yes, even moreso.

I already owe two people sessions having to do with the Fringers, so I'll try to get that done before the weekend. If anyone else has any RP ideas, wishes, pleas, etc., you're always free to email me at lionwuff@yahoo.com or message me on AIM under Lionwuff. If you can't catch me on under that name, feel free to try with ShazHoss, though that's my 'work' S/N (at the library, anyway) so I may not be within reach.

Have fun and play nice,
~Mag/Britt: player of Shaz, Meg, Levant, Sincy, Justy, etc.
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May 11th, 2003

06:00 pm - Just a friendly reminder... thing... of sorts...
Time to use my kinda-sorta staffer bit... kindasorta.

First off, for all the new folks (and hell, it never hurts to re-read even if you've been here a year):

Sure, it may be K3Wl to be a healer, a mercenary, etc., but there's plenty of other professions with plenty more potential, so take a gander. Plus, you can figure out how dirt poor your fuzzies are. ^_________6

And see how much your fuzzies' skimpy salaries will get 'em.

Also, if you've ever wanted to play a younger character but didn't have a parent PC or just didn't feel like NPCing Moomy 'n' Duddy, there's always my bastard, three-headed child:


And plenty more where that came from:


Remember, kids. Variety is the spice of life.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled angst, quizzes, news links, etc.

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April 1st, 2003

12:32 am
We wish we could be messaging with better news, but...

It looks like this is the end. We regret to inform you all that #Vagrant will be closed until further notice, pending legal action from undisclosed sources. (We'd tell you who they are and why they're threatening us, but any potential flames being sent by our loyal players could just make the situation worse, you see.)

The website, Livejournal and mailing list will remain open, as will the RP channels, but we ask that you respect the terms of the temporary legal agreement we have come to with the plaintiff and refrain from RPing for the time being. You can feel free to chat all you like in the OOC channel, of course.

Again, we're very sorry that this has come to pass. Rest assured that we will notify you of any developments as soon as we know, and are legally permitted to disclose further details. -.-

Your #Vagrant Staff

((Edit: This was the April Fool's prank for 2003))
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March 30th, 2003

12:12 pm
Yaay, I'm back from Chicago, and I'm reveling in the fact that I have lots of neat STUFF, and you don't. Hah. At any rate, here's what's been going on, for those who might be confused by all this:

Before I left, Naomi was kidnapped by four coyotes and smuggled out of the Trades in a wagon. Who did it, you ask? Why did they do it? Where is she now? Will she ever come back? I'm not telling you. You'll just have to wait and see.

Also know that a bunch of other people seem to have disappeared in the jackal's wake for some strange reason. Feel free to play with this however you want, but know that no one like the BARON or any giant higher-ups would be prey to this unseen abductor.

Thassall! Bug me if there's anymore questions.
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February 24th, 2003

07:08 pm - about animals.
I read an article about nature documentaries, and it seems that they've been cut to make animals easier fit into the "norm" of the human family, etc.

Like, there's a lot of homosexuality among animals (but I already knew that... those monkeys are a very good example, humping everything and anything and often themselves or people they know and ... nm), and it isn't as uncommon as we're led to believe that a male takes care of the children.

Another example - which I feel very happy with, because it would explain Leon's mother and why she is the way she is - is that the oldest female in a lion flock is the leader.
The males are just there to mate with the ladies. But it's rather logical that the oldest female would be the leader, since they do most of the hunting right? It's Shi'raa in a nutshell XD

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